Findsight AI

Findsight AI

FINDSIGHT AI is an advanced search engine that enables users to delve into and compare the core ideas found in a vast array of non-fiction works.

Key Features:

  1. Syntopical Reading Engine: Explore and compare claims from numerous non-fiction works, facilitating a comprehensive understanding of various topics.
  2. Advanced AI-Powered Filters: Utilize advanced filters like STATE and ANSWER to find related claims, identify citations, and locate claims that address specific questions with accompanying data.
  3. Basic and AI-Powered Filters: Employ basic filters like MENTION and REFERENCES to refine search results based on literal text and named entities or concepts referenced across sources.
  4. Enhanced Learning Journey: Create personalized learning journeys by leveraging the platform’s features for idea exploration and comparison.

Use Cases:

• Discover and compare core ideas from a diverse range of non-fiction works.

• Refine search results using basic filters like MENTION and REFERENCES to focus on specific sources or concepts.

• Utilize AI-powered filters like STATE and ANSWER to find related claims, citations, and answers to specific questions.

FINDSIGHT AI provides a robust platform for exploring and comparing ideas across various non-fiction works, fostering enriched learning experiences and deepening understanding.

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