Metering AI

Metering AI bridges the gap between product usage and Stripe billing with just three clicks. This tool allows you to effortlessly meter your product’s usage and send it to Stripe without any manual effort.

Key Features:

  • Free add-on to existing billing systems (Chargebee, Zuora, Recurly, or Stripe)
  • No-code solution for usage-based billing
  • Automated metering process
  • Supports 391 Excel functions for various computations
  • Suitable for products with a usage-based billing component
  • No login required and no credit card required to try

Use Cases:

  • API-based companies (e.g., Twilio) charging based on API hits
  • Fintech companies charging a commission based on a percentage of total payment value
  • Marketing automation products or customer data platforms charging based on monthly active users
  • Cloud infrastructure companies charging based on compute hours
  • Applying conditions and filters for different pricing models

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