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From Long Videos To Viral Clips In 1 Click

Spikes, a generative AI video tool, revolutionizes content creation by effortlessly repurposing long videos to meet your specific needs. This innovative solution blends advanced AI technology with intuitive editing tools, providing content creators with a time-saving approach to highlight the best moments from their videos, be it live-streaming sessions or YouTube content.

How Does Spikes Work? Spikes excels in extracting captivating shorts from any video. Using big data to align with top trends, Spikes Studio delves into your video content, identifying and crafting key moments into sharp, engaging clips. With AI-driven precision in layouts, dynamic captions, and smooth transitions, your content is poised to capture attention. Each clip is refined with a compelling call to action, ensuring your audience not only watches but also engages.

Key Features and Benefits of Spikes:

AI Video to Short Converter:

  • Automatically selects the best moments from long videos using AI and transforms them into short viral clips for social media.

Auto Captions:

  • Add subtitles automatically, supporting 99 languages and incorporating emojis for highlighted keywords.

Auto Crop and Zoom In:

  • Edits and selects the best frame for mobile viewing, with an option to include a second camera frame for added flexibility.

Multi-Platform Processing:

  • Automatically processes clips from YouTube, Vimeo, Google, and Twitch links. Twitch users can log in to receive highlights seconds after finishing a livestream.

Automatic Hashtags and Description:

  • AI scans videos and suggests optimal hashtags and descriptions.


  • Enhance videos by seamlessly incorporating additional photos and text onto the screen.

Automatic Social Media Sharing:

  • Seamlessly share transformed clips directly from Spikes to all connected social media platforms.

Spikes Use Cases: Spikes caters to a diverse range of users, including content creators, social media agencies, podcasts, and entrepreneurs. Its intuitive platform efficiently repurposes content, making it invaluable for enhancing social media presence.

  • What Problem Does Spikes Solve? Spikes empowers users to stay consistently active on social media, effortlessly accelerating growth and monetization efforts. It addresses the need for advanced skills and time-consuming tasks in crafting engaging short videos, simplifying the process with features like AI-powered editing, auto captions, and a user-friendly interface.
  • Spikes Pricing and Availability: Spikes offers a free plan for all users, allowing the upload of initial 30-minute videos for free—no credit card required. Explore plans starting from $5 a month for additional features. For detailed pricing information, visit the website.
  • Who Should Use Spikes? Spikes is ideal for content creators, brands, and marketers seeking to effortlessly transform and repurpose content, saving time and resources. Utilizing AI features, Spikes streamlines the process, enabling consistent activity on social media with engaging content.

Pros and Cons of Spikes:


  • Multi-Platform Support: Video links from multiple platforms are supported.
  • AI-Powered Editing: Automatically extracts compelling moments for engaging clips.
  • Social Media Integration: Simplifies sharing across various platforms.
  • User-Friendly Online Editor: Professional-grade editing without downloads.
  • Time Saver: Reduces the need for extensive editing skills and time.
  • Cost-Effective Plans: Offers flexible pricing plans, starting from a free option.


  • Learning Curve: Extensive features may have a slight learning curve for new users.
  • Dependency on Internet: Requires a stable internet connection for online editing.
  • Device Compatibility: At the moment, Spikes is best experienced through PC.

User Reviews and Feedback for Spikes:

  • “This has made streaming so much easier. Spikes has saved me many times from having to dig through hours of footage for seconds of content.” – Madison Bond, Twitch Streamer
  • “As a girl with ADHD, Spikes has made life substantially easier. Not having to clip them myself has made life a lot easier.” – Pixels_2001, TikTok Creator
  • “Spikes revolutionized my video editing game! The AI features and ease of use make it my go-to for creating captivating content.” – Alex S, Video Editor

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s:

How does Spikes determine which clips to extract from a video?

  • Spikes utilizes advanced AI algorithms to analyze video content, identifying key moments based on engagement, visual interest, and overall impact.

Which platforms does Spikes support?

  • Spikes supports any video content, whether imported from YouTube, Google Drive, Vimeo, or any video file on your computer. Unique integration with Twitch instantly transforms live streams into clips.

Which languages are supported?

  • Spikes supports more than 99 languages, ensuring your content resonates globally. Speak to the world in a language they understand. You can also transcribe any video into its original language.

How can I explore partnership or collaboration opportunities with Spikes?

  • Those interested in partnering or collaborating can reach out to Jordan, Spikes’ Business Development Manager, at jordan@playstream.gg. The team looks forward to exploring exciting opportunities with you!

Have more questions? Contact the Spike support team through their Discord channel, visit their help center on the website, or reach out via email at support@spikes.studio.

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