TTcare is an innovative health care app powered by artificial intelligence, created to assist pet owners in monitoring and maintaining their pet’s health. This user-friendly app offers a range of features and services to ensure the well-being of pets.

Key Features:

  1. AI-Powered Health Monitoring: Detects abnormal symptoms in pets with over 90% accuracy.
  2. Vet Service Booking: Helps pet owners find and book veterinary services conveniently.
  3. Timely Health Notifications: Sends notifications for important health events and reminders.
  4. Free and Subscription Plans: Offers a free plan with limited scans and a subscription plan with unlimited scans and storage.
  5. Pet Health Information: Provides guidance on pet care, disease information, weight tracking, and nutrition management.
  6. Periodic Reminders and Tips: Offers periodic reminders and helpful tips relevant to pet owners.

Use Cases:

  • Pet owners looking for an AI-powered health care app to monitor and check their pet’s health.
  • Individuals seeking early detection of potential health issues in their pets.
  • Pet parents in need of a convenient platform to find and book veterinary services.
  • Users interested in accessing valuable information and advice on pet health and care.
  • Individuals wanting to track their pet’s weight, manage nutrition, and receive timely reminders for vaccinations and check-ups.

TTcare is an essential companion for pet owners, providing advanced AI-powered health care features, convenient vet service booking, and valuable information on pet health. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive range of services, TTcare helps pet owners take proactive steps in ensuring the well-being of their beloved pets.

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