Elto is an AI-powered tool that optimizes cold calling processes and enhances sales funnel efficiency by allowing users to simultaneously dial multiple numbers, intelligently routing answered calls, and seamlessly integrating with existing CRM systems.

Key Features:

  1. Parallel Dialing: Simultaneously dial multiple numbers to increase call volume and reach more prospects.
  2. Intelligent Call Routing: Direct answered calls to available Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) with minimal response time.
  3. Automatic Voicemail and Pickup Detection: Identify voicemail systems and pickups automatically, saving time and focusing efforts on engaged prospects.
  4. Seamless CRM and SEP Integration: Sync with existing CRM systems and Sales Engagement Platforms for uninterrupted workflow and efficient sales management.
  5. Proprietary Models for Optimal Detection: Utilize advanced AI models to optimize the detection of pickups and voicemails, ensuring prospects are not left waiting on an empty line.
  6. Flexible Plans and Pricing: Offer various plans and pricing options to cater to different user needs and scalability.

Use Cases:

  • Sales professionals and teams looking to increase their call volume and optimize their cold calling processes.
  • Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) aiming to minimize response time and provide prompt, personalized responses to prospects.
  • Companies seeking to integrate their existing CRM systems and Sales Engagement Platforms (SEPs) seamlessly for efficient sales management.
  • Sales teams of all sizes, from individual professionals to large-scale enterprises, wanting to enhance their sales funnel efficiency and maximize productivity.

Elto empowers sales professionals and teams by providing them with an AI-powered tool to optimize their cold calling processes and enhance their sales funnel efficiency.

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