GradGPT is an AI-powered platform designed to simplify the university application process for both students and professors. It offers a range of tools and resources to help users craft compelling applications for over 10,000 universities worldwide.

Key Features

  • GradGPT Writer: This feature enables users to create impressive essays for university applications in minutes. It ensures that the essays maintain the user’s unique voice while delivering high-quality text.
  • Letter of Recommendation: GradGPT helps professors generate personalized, authentic, and valuable recommendation letters for their students.
  • Applications Dashboard: This tool allows users to stay updated with the latest timelines and updates, helping them get into their dream university.
  • SOP Reviewer: A newly launched feature that provides AI-powered review and feedback on college application essays.
  • AI CV Reviewer: An experimental feature that provides feedback on resumes for college applications.

Use Cases

  • Students can use GradGPT to write personal statements for bachelors, masters, PhD or MBA applications. They can also get their essays and resumes reviewed by the AI.
  • Professors can use GradGPT to craft custom reference letters for their students.
  • Universities can use GradGPT to streamline the application process and ensure high-quality applications.

Community and Support

GradGPT has a community forum for users to discuss feedback, ideas, and more with the developers. They also offer video tutorials to help users understand new features and techniques. For any issues or queries, users can access the help and support section.


GradGPT values user data privacy and has a dedicated privacy policy to ensure data protection.

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