HiNotes stands out as an advanced AI voice transcription and summary tool, specifically designed to complement the HiDock H1 audio dock. It is tailored for calls and meetings, offering automatic note-taking, real-time marking, and summarization capabilities.

Key Features:

  • Automatic Note-Taking: Seamlessly record live or upload audio files for accurate transcription and summarization.
  • Real-time Summarization: Utilizes chat GPT for real-time summarization, organizing information into digestible sections.
  • Voice Command Memory Retrieval: Easily retrieve notes by using a voice command, enhancing memory recall for meetings, calls, lectures, or personal memos.
  • Dual-Core Neural Audio Processor: Features a dual-core neural audio processor for noise cancellation, ensuring clearer communication.
  • Efficient Memory Recall: Simplifies memory retrieval by providing organized and summarized notes through voice commands.

Use Cases:

  • Effortless Note-Taking: Record live meetings or upload audio files for automatic transcription and summarization.
  • Quick Memory Retrieval: Use voice commands to retrieve specific notes from calls, meetings, or personal memos.
  • Clear Communication: Benefit from the dual-core neural audio processor for noise cancellation, ensuring clear communication.
  • Real-time Summarization: Leverage real-time summarization with chat GPT for organized and digestible information.
  • Focus Points Extraction: Extract focus points from summarized notes for efficient to-do list creation.

HiNotes transforms audio input into actionable text, offering features that enhance note-taking, communication, and memory retrieval, ultimately streamlining your workflow.

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