Unlock the magic of web app development with MAGE, the GPT Web App Generator. This powerful tool harnesses the capabilities of GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) and the Wasp full-stack framework to simplify the process of creating full-stack React, Node.js, and Prisma web applications.

Key Features:

  • Intuitive Interface: MAGE offers a user-friendly interface where users can input app details like name, description, and brand color.
  • Creativity and Flexibility: Users can choose from example app ideas such as todo apps, plant trackers, or blogging platforms, ensuring creativity and flexibility for various project types.
  • Ownership Model: For example, in a todo app, each user has ownership of their tasks. Similarly, in a blogging platform, post and comment ownership is maintained.
  • Multi-Page Web Apps: MAGE generates web apps with multiple pages, including home pages to display tasks, plants, or posts. Users can create, edit, and view details seamlessly.
  • Wasp Integration: MAGE integrates with Wasp, an experimental project by Wasp-lang, enhancing its functionality and capabilities.
  • Open Source: The tool is open-source, with code available on GitHub for transparency and collaboration.
  • Community Support: Join the Discord community for support, discussions, and to connect with other users.

User Benefits:

  • Effortless Web App Creation: Generate full-stack web applications effortlessly with GPT-powered guidance.
  • Versatility: Create various types of web apps with flexibility and creativity.
  • Ownership and Security: Maintain ownership models for tasks, posts, or other app elements, ensuring security and user-specific interactions.
  • Multi-Page Apps: Generate web apps with multiple pages for a comprehensive user experience.
  • Integration with Wasp: Benefit from the integration with Wasp for enhanced capabilities.

MAGE opens the door to a new era of web app development, where users can bring their ideas to life seamlessly with the power of GPT and the Wasp full-stack framework. Dive into the world of intuitive web app generation and unlock endless possibilities with MAGE.

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