Narrato AI Content Genie – your very own content marketer, writer, and strategist bundled up into one friendly assistant. This amazing tool automatically generates social media and blog content every week, based on your chosen themes and an optional website URL. Edit the AI-generated posts, add images, GIFs, or videos, and schedule them for publishing on your favorite social platforms. The platform also offers custom social media content generation templates (social posts from themes, URLs, notes, and more), a Twitter thread generator, a meme idea generator, an AI image generator, and more to streamline your SMM workflow.

Key features of Narrato AI include:

👉 AI Content Genie for social media content creation and marketing on autopilot.

👉 Over 15 AI writing templates specifically designed for creating captivating social media content.

👉 Customization options to tailor social posts according to the social media channel, tone of voice, post length, and other parameters.

👉 AI content enhancement tools: AI Content Rewriter, AI paraphraser, AI summary generator, AI text simplifications, and paragraph into bullets AI template.

👉 AI Chat for storytelling ideas, strategizing, and social media content calendar planning.

👉 Multi-platform support: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

👉 Convenient social media calendar for efficient planning and organization of your social posts.

👉 Easily schedule and post content on different social media, CMS, or via Zapier.

With over 100 AI templates and a range of powerful features, Narrato is the ultimate one-stop solution for all your content needs.

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