QuizWhiz is an innovative AI-based tool designed to simplify the process of generating multiple-choice questions (MCQs) from any given text. By utilizing advanced artificial intelligence, QuizWhiz automates the question generation process, saving users time and effort.

Key Features:

  1. Automatic MCQ generation: AI-powered algorithm generates multiple-choice questions from any text input.
  2. Context-aware question generation: Ability to differentiate between word meanings based on the provided context.
  3. Question-answer pairs: Provides question-answer pairs along with multiple-choice options.
  4. Clear and organized presentation: Questions and answer options are presented in an organized format.
  5. Flexible pricing plans: Offers Basic and Pro packages with different run limits and additional features like PDF file upload.

Use Cases:

  • Education: Generate quizzes, tests, or study materials for various subjects and topics.
  • Assessments: Create assessments or evaluations to gauge understanding or knowledge.
  • Content Creation: Generate MCQs to enhance interactive learning materials or online courses.
  • Training and Professional Development: Create quizzes or assessments for training purposes.

QuizWhiz empowers users to generate multiple-choice questions effortlessly and efficiently.

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