Zigpoll is a survey and feedback platform that collects zero-party data using various methods, such as post-purchase surveys, email capture campaigns, interactive polls, and forms. It offers a no-code setup for popular e-commerce platforms and provides multiple question formats, incentives, and advanced targeting for engaging customers and gathering feedback.

Key Features:

  • Zero-Party Data Collection: Collect valuable feedback and insights directly from customers.
  • No-Code Setup: Seamlessly integrate with popular e-commerce platforms without coding.
  • Multiple Question Formats: Offer a variety of question types to gather feedback in different ways.
  • Incentives: Provide incentives to customers for completing surveys, increasing response rates.
  • Advanced Targeting: Deliver surveys to specific customer segments based on behavior or purchase history.
  • Intuitive Dashboard: Analyze survey responses and visualize data in a user-friendly interface.
  • AI Assistant: Access automatic insights, trend detection, and chat interface for deeper analysis.
  • Flexible Pricing: Choose from multiple pricing options based on business needs.

Use Cases:

  • E-commerce businesses seeking to collect feedback and insights from their customers.
  • Marketers looking to engage their audience and gather valuable data for marketing campaigns.
  • Customer support teams aiming to understand customer satisfaction and improve service.
  • Product managers and UX designers wanting to validate ideas and gather user feedback.
  • Businesses in various industries that require feedback for market research or decision-making.

Zigpoll is a versatile survey and feedback platform that empowers businesses to collect zero-party data and gain valuable insights from their customers.

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